PrEPnu’s out­reach team is present at par­ties and events to inform the gen­er­al pub­lic and specif­i­cal­ly poten­tial PrEP users about PrEP. Through our pres­ence, we strive to enlarge the vis­i­bil­i­ty and under­stand­ing of PrEP in our community.

Do you want to invite PrEP­nu to an event? Please send an email to Pro­mo­tion PrEPnu!

Where to find our Outreach Team


Date: Event: City:
15-04-2022 COC COCK­tail+ Eind­hoven
30-04-2022 Fun­house Kingsday Ams­ter­dam
12-06-2022 Tropikali Fest Ams­ter­dam
18-06-2022 Roze Zater­dag Rot­ter­dam
18-06-2022 Cock­tail Fest Rot­ter­dam
25-07-2022 Roze Maandag Tilburg
30-07-2022 Pride Walk Ams­ter­dam
30-07-2022 Milk­shake Festival Ams­ter­dam
31-07-2022 Milk­shake Festival Ams­ter­dam
05-08-2022 Ams­ter­dam Canal Pride Ams­ter­dam
05-08-2022 Fun­house XXL Ams­ter­dam
27-08-2022 Pride Zwolle Zwolle
28-08-2022 Tropikali Sun­set Ams­ter­dam
10-09-2022 Street­heart Festival Kerk­straat Amsterdam
15-10-2022 Fun­house Ams­ter­dam
29-10-2022 Mei­jt Ams­ter­dam
10-11-2022 COC Sexy Side Church Ams­ter­dam
23-11-2022 COC Ams­ter­dam Doven­cen­trum Amsterdam
03-12-2022 Bear Neces­si­ty Ams­ter­dam
17-12-2022 Fun­house Christ­mas XL Ams­ter­dam